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Contributors: jim912, kuck1u
Tags: auto formatting, formatting, format, paragraph, linebreak, wpautop
Requires at least: 3.6
Tested up to: 4.2
Stable tag: 1.0.10

Stops the automatic forming and the HTML tag removal in the html mode of WordPress, and generates a natural paragraph and changing line.

== Description ==
If you are annoying by the habit of the WordPress automatic formatting, try this plugin.

PS Disable Auto Formatting stops automatic formatting of WordPress (wpautop), and modifies the html source generated by the visual editor.

This plugin stops automatic formatting of WordPress (wpautop), and modifies the html source generated by the visual editor.

When editing it in the HTML mode, it stops unintended removal of br tag and p tag , either addition of p tag.
And when editing in the visual mode, it achieves to generate natural changing line and paragraph that you will intend.

= Functions =
* Disable the auto formating in the each areas of post, comment, excerpt, terms description.
* Stops the auto removal of p and br tag when editing html mode.
* Batch formatting to all articles that you have already posted.

== Installation ==

1. Unzip the downloaded package and upload into your WordPress plugins directory.
If you use WordPress 2.7 or later, you can install from admin page.
2. Go to plugins list and activate "PS Disable Auto Formatting".
3. After install, a managing page of automatic forming is added to config list.
The default setting stops only the automatic formating of the post.
Change and submit the settings of each areas if necessary.

= Batch formatting for past posts =

Batch formatting is a function for the past posts posted before use this plugin.
You do not have to use it if there are no post.

When you activate this plugin, there will be no changing line and paragraph in the past posts because auto formatting of WordPress has stopped.

To solve this problem, this function does the batch processing to the article within
the specified range.

(Before use this function, reserve the [backup of the data base]( "backup of the data base") is recommended.)

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= When is this plugin effective? =

For example, it will be effective in case use HTML mode every time, and when copy from existing HTML files.
It also comes to be able to post consecutive changing line.

= I do not understand whether which area to be stop batch formatting. =
Try to stop the area where the visual editor is used.

= Can the setting change and the batch formatting function be done at the same time? =
When "change setting" button is pushed, the setting is changed.
When "Batch formatting" button is pushed, the batch plastic operation is done. The setting is not changed.

= It displays as "It is necessary to permit the batch formatting" and cannot do the batch formatting. =
To prevent the operational error, the batch processing is not done if there is no permission.
Please check "Permit batch formatting" check box.

== Changelog ==
* **1.0.10**
* Compatible with WordPress 4.2
* Fix : Duplicated Error.
* **1.0.9**
* Compatible with WordPress 3.9
* **1.0.8**
* fix : bug fix : load javascript file for 3.3 in 3.2.1
* **1.0.7**
* Compatible with WordPress 3.3
* **1.0.6**
* fix : bug fix
* **1.0.5**
* fix : bug fix
* **1.0.4**
* fix : Fixed Warning and Notice Error.
* **1.0.3**
* fix : missed writing specifications of plugin(version & discription)
* **1.0.2**
* compatible with WordPress version 2.8
(bugfix : post area is whiteouted when switching visual to html mode in version 2.8)
* **0.9.2**
* bugfix : disappearing nothing included paragraph and linebreak element when load a post to edit
* bugfix : wrong javascript path in case of WordPress is set as sub directory.
* bugfix : in version 2.6 or 2.5, javascript isn't replaced.
* **0.9.1**
* bugfix : disappearing paragraph element with swithing mode in some browsers
* compatible with quickpress
* **0.9.0**
* Public release

== Screenshots ==
1. Administration interface of PS Disable Auto Formatting

== Notice ==
Please back up the data base as much as possible before doing the batch formatting.

Though we have tested as much as possible, there is a possibility that processing stops on the way.

Even if some trouble occurs in the article data by some rare accident, we can not assume the responsibility.

If you have any problems or find a bug in this plugin, please [report to us]( "contact form").

== Links ==
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It is easy to install for beginners and easy to customize for experts.
It can change the settings of the display of the lists from administration page, several neat CSS skins for the site map tree are prepared.

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== Special Thanks ==
Translation:[dacelo]( "Translation")

Naming Advise:[Samuel Bollinge]( "Naming Advise")

PS Disable Auto Formatting Plugin
Price: FREE

If you are annoying by the habit of the WordPress automatic formatting, try this plugin.

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