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Tags: page builder, visual editor, customizer, drag and drop, header, footer, landing page, contact form, grid, post grid
Requires at least: 4.7
Requires PHP: 5.4
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Stable tag: 1.10.11
License: GPLv3
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Powerful drag and drop page builder using the native WordPress customizer.

== Description ==
= What is Nimble Page Builder ? =
**[Nimble Page Builder](** is a fast and agile page builder plugin for WordPress. Nimble Builder uses the live customizer which is the native and powerful WordPress interface for real-time design.
The plugin allows you to easily drag-and-drop modules like text-editor, post grids, images, contact forms, maps, icons, or beautiful pre-built sections with a [parallax background](, into any page of your site. You can edit your sections in real-time, and then click "publish" when you are happy with the result, or save for later.

Watch the video below to see how this [demo page]( has been built !


= Works on any page of your site and with all WordPress themes =
Nimble Builder allows you to insert sections in any context of your site : home page, single post or page, category or tag page, even search results or [404 pages]( No only that, but you can also decide to [start designing from a blank page]( on any page of your site, and even create a custom header and footer. Nimble Builder uses native WordPress action hooks, which makes it compatible with all WordPress themes.

= Live demos =
* Example of [integration with the Customizr theme](
* Example of [integration with the Hueman theme](
* Example of a [404 page created with Nimble Builder](, header and footer disabled.

= Features overview =
* **Drag and drop neatly pre-designed sections** and customize them in real-time preview.
* **Works in any WordPress contexts** : home, pages, posts, custom post types, archives, author pages, search page, ...
* Create content, style, move / duplicate / remove elements **in real-time preview**.
* **Includes many content modules** : classic text editor, image, column layouts, contact form, button, icons, map, html code, WordPress widget area, menu, and more.
* **Insert engaging [post grids](** on any page, looking great on desktop and mobile devices.
* Use **full width image or video backgrounds** for your sections, and [enable a parallax effect](
* **Easily [customize your content specifically for mobile devices](** : change the responsive breakpoint, adapt font-size, spacing, alignment, column layouts, in real-time preview.
* **Customize any text [with Google Fonts](**.
* Add **[custom CSS](** to any specific page of your site ( and only to this page ) : post, page, archive, 404 page, WooCommerce product, etc.
* **[Export / Import](** : re-use your sections in other pages and between sites.
* **[Embed shortcodes]( from other plugins**, and see the result in real-time preview.
* Nimble Builder automatically generates responsive HTML markup for a **pixel-perfect rendering on smartphones and tablets**.
* Nimble Builder leverages the WordPress live customizer features for auto-drafting and schedule publishing. You can safely build and save drafts of your content before deploying in production.

= Content modules =
* Headings
* WordPress text editor ( support blocks and shortcodes )
* [Image](
* Button
* Icon
* Post Grid
* Image Carousel
* [Contact Form](
* [Google Map](
* Menu
* Social Profiles
* Divider
* Spacer
* Columns
* Quote
* Widget zone
* Accordion
* Shortcode
* Tabs ( coming soon )
* ... and more to come !

= Getting started =
Once [installed](, Nimble Builder can be accessed in the WordPress live customizer. You can [start creating your first section]( !

== Documentation ==
You'll find a growing online knowledge base for Nimble builder here : [Nimble builder documentation](

* [Getting started with Nimble Page Builder for WordPress](
* [Technical requirements for Nimble Builder : server, browser, php version, WP version](
* [Designing for mobile devices with the WordPress Nimble Builder](
* [How to start building from a blank page with the WordPress Nimble Builder?](
* [How to build your WordPress header and footer with Nimble Builder ?](
* [How to set a parallax background for a section in WordPress with Nimble Builder ?](
* [How to enable reCAPTCHA protection against spam in your forms with Nimble Builder?](
* [How to change the page template with Nimble Builder ?](

== Screenshots ==
1. Creating a page with 3 sections
2. Dragging and dropping a pre-designed section
3. Editing content in live preview
4. Creating columns layouts
5. Customizing a section with an image background
6. Using the section navigator

== Installation ==
1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen. Or download the plugin, unzip the package and upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
3. Navigate to the WordPress live customizer
4. Look for a drop zone candidate in the previewed page and click on the "+" button to start building your first section of content
5. Drag a module from the left panel and drop it in a drop zone of the previewed page

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= How do I use Nimble Builder ? =

[Getting started with Nimble Page Builder for WordPress](

= Can I use Nimble Builder with any theme ? =

Yes, Nimble builder works with any WordPress theme. If you experience any problem with a specific theme, please report it in the [plugin support forum](

= How to troubleshoot problems with Nimble Builder ? =
1. **Use the latest software versions** : make sure WordPress, Nimble Builder and your theme are all up to date.
2. **Documentation** : try to find a possible solution in our [documentation pages](
3. **Search the forum** : use the search field on top of the topic list with keywords describing your issue. Another user may have had a similar problem already resolved.
4. **Cache plugin** : if you use a server cache or cache plugin, please clear it’s cache content and disable caching via it’s settings. It is recommended to disable your cache plugin when customizing your site.
5. **Check for plugin conflict** : deactivate all of your plugins. If it fixes the issue, re-activate your plugins one by one, until you identify the plugin in conflict.
6. **Browser** : [clear your browser's cache / history]( Switch to another browser if needed. Make sure you do not use a browser extension that conflicts with the plugin.
7. **Theme** : try to switch to another WordPress theme, like the default WordPress theme. If you use a child theme, activate the parent theme instead.

We have also published a detailed [troubleshooting guide for Nimble Builder](

If you can't troubleshoot your issue, please open a new thread in [Nimble Builder support forum](

== Upgrade Notice ==
= 1.10.10 =
Updated Font Awesome icons to latest version. Performance improvements => 1)fixed "ghosts" Google fonts loaded even if not used, 2) better management of when Font Awesome assets should be loaded.

== Changelog ==
= 1.10.11 February 29th 2020 =
* fixed : figcaption => adjust margin top only when wrapped inside .wp-caption
* fixed : [accordion module] wrong cursor pointer on +/- icons
* fixed : [WP Widget module] implement basic styling for WP search form
* improved : [performance] lazyload => implement a better deferral of offscreen images on page load and apply a higher threshold when scrolling
* improved : [performance] removed unused CSS => reduced size of main CSS stylesheet
* improved : [performance] removed Poppin Google font for prebuild menu sections

= 1.10.10 February 15th 2020 =
* fixed : button style => "-moz-focus-inner" pseudo class breaks CSS validation
* fixed : Wrong css rule generated 'background-color:rgba(0));' due to issues with php color helpers
* fixed : [performance] don't load font awesome when already loaded by customizr or hueman
* fixed : [performance] "ghosts" google fonts can be loaded even when not used anywhere
* improved : [asset] update Font Awesome to latest version
* improved : [quote module] cite default font-size set to 14px instead of 13px
* improved : [menu module][quote module][performance] replaced Font Awesome arrows icon by unicode characters

= 1.10.9 February 12th 2020 =
* fixed : make sure Nimble doesn't try to render a module not registered. This can occur after importing sections including custom modules
* fixed : [Carousel module] Lazy load break layout of first slide
* fixed : [Menu module] Option for full width below the menu hamburger icon is broken
* added : [Carousel module] lazyload slider images when global or local lazyload is enabled

= 1.10.8 February 11th 2020 =
* fixed : performance => no need to load front css / js assets when no local and global sections are rendered
* fixed : removed letter-spacing to font affecting button style
* fixed : [WP Editor module] image alignment is broken
* fixed : reduced size of readme.txt to be closer to the limit of 10K
* fixed : [Accordion module] html error => missing closing quote
* fixed : [Button module] error in html => Element div not allowed as child of element button
* fixed : [Accordion module] html errors => aria-controls and aria-labelledby not properly implemented
* fixed : [Carousel module] fix html errors related to lazyloading
* improved : performance => added 'async' attribute to main js front

= 1.10.7 January 22nd 2020 =
* fixed : [Shortcode module] when flex is enabled layout can be broken => disabled flex by default
* fixed : styling of dl dt can break galleries added with WP editor module
* fixed : collision with Neve free theme when using tinymce editor
* fixed : [Html markup validation] attribute duplications
* fixed : [Form module] missing id for the form element
* fixed : [Html markup validation] removed 'type' attribute for script
* fixed : [Form module] removed self-closing syntax (/>) used on textarea
* fixed : [Form module] "required" attribute not properly rendered

Nimble Page Builder Plugin
Price: FREE

= What is Nimble Page Builder ? = **[Nimble Page Builder](https://nimblebuilder.

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